The Center for Early Education and Development (CEED) is owned and operated by KCAA Preschools of Hawaii. With deep roots in the islands, KCAA has been serving Hawaii’s families for over 100 years.  Founded in 1895 as the Free Kindergarten and Children’s Aid Association and as one of Hawaii’s first non-profit organizations, KCAA established the first teacher-training program in the islands.

Today, the mission of KCAA is to build a solid foundation for Hawaii’s children through excellent early education programs.  KCAA offers early care and education programs in seven nationally accredited preschools on Oahu to more than 900 young children and their families every year.  Its 130 staff members provide quality-learning experiences for Hawaii’s keiki (children).  Our commitment to professional development for early educators supports the broader statewide effort to increase the number of qualified teachers, thereby improving both the number and the quality of early education programs and outcomes for children.

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